Studienarbeit von Miguel Angel Perez del Pino

Mittwoch, September 07, 2005

A Theoretical & Practical Introduction to Self Organization using JNNS

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During the last years of my career, the main intention of my work has been to apply neural networks to several fields of my interest, mainly networking security and biomedicine. As Dr. Carmen Paz Suárez Araujo’s, from University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), and Prof. Ingo Boersch’s, from Fachhochschule Brandenburg (Germany), undergraduate student I have learned how important the neurocomputing is becoming in nowadays engineering tasks. Through this path, I have gathered a variety of ideas and problems which I would have appreciated to be written or explicitly available for my personal reading and further understanding.

The employment of a simulator to develop first stage analysis and to plan further work is a must in the engineering discipline. My aim in the development of this brief textbook has been to compose a little, but well condensed manual, where the reader can get the point of self organized networks, and moreover, of Kohonen Self Organized Maps, SOM. Using JNNS, the reader will be able to apply the theoretical issues of

Kohonen networks into practical and real development of ideas.

This brief textbook is oriented to those with little experience in self organization and Kohonen networks, but also to those interested in using and analyzing the deployment of solutions with the Java Neural Network Simulator, JNNS.

Abgabe: 07.09.2005

Betreuer: Dipl.-Inform. Ingo Boersch

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